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Want to Upload Your Demo?

25 Jun


With so many aspiring musicians out there, Upload Demo has created a revolutionary new way for artists to get their music at the forefront of the industry’s biggest names. What is Upload Demo you may ask? Well, Dino Awadisian (CEO) and Mike Davtyan (CFO) created Upload Demo to help artists get their music actually heard by label execs. According to Upload Demo’s website, “With Upload Demo musicians globally will have – at their fingertips – the privilege of selecting top industry executives and insiders to review, critique and even offer recording contracts.” Unlike other websites such as SoundCloud where only audio content can be uploaded, Upload Demo will actually give artists the ability to have their music reviewed and critiqued by industry professionals. This is a huge thing since one of the biggest problems many artists face is getting their content out there and heard by the industry. “…with Upload Demo, we are happy to provide a connection that supports artists and encourages them.”, Davtyan stated. Upload Demo guarantees every musician that their music will be heard by relevant people in the ondustry and also ensures them with credible and constructive advice. Upload Demo has managed to snag some partnerships with a diverse group of industry insiders which will allow Upload Demo to present the ultimate music platform for all those aspiring musicians out there. So if you want your music to be heard by those industry execs, head on over to uploaddemo.com !

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